Tired of music skipping while using the DJ Lobo App?

Managing an app like DJ Lobo is no easy task, considering the magnitude of users that uses it on a daily basis from around the world.  We are always making tweaks & updates to address any issues from the different types of devices we support, specially Android.  One of the issues we face is the different types of internet connections that our users have, mainly from countries outside the United State such as the Dominican Republic. A slow internet connection causes the app to be buffering very often, affecting the listening experience while using the DJ Lobo app.  To fix this problem we are introducing a new Settings page in iOS/Android where the users can change the Audio Quality to Low, Medium & High.

Low Bitrate Chart

Using the app in Low or Medium audio quality mode when the internet is slow, will improve the listening experience preventing the app from stopping and loading as it does now while playing the High Quality version.  We think that our users will find this very useful considering the second benefit which is that it will save them Data usage since these files are smaller in size than the high quality version.

This new feature will be available in the next upcoming update for the DJ Lobo App. Lookout for versions 2.3.3+ in iOS and 2.3.4+ in Android.

*** UPDATE: Android version 2.3.4 is live now ***

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 8.55.48 AM

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